At Autopilot Marketing you get the power of a global digital marketing agency while working one-on-one with a local expert.


You got into business so you could have FREEDOM.  The kind of freedom that comes with obtaining Financial Abundance.

But maybe you’ve realized that building a successful and highly profitable business is harder than you thought.

If you want more out of your business then TODAY IS AN AWESOME DAY TO BE YOU!

Hi. I’m Chris Loomis, owner of Autopilot Marketing.
Growing a local business is challenging. I get it. I’ve owned several over the years. I learned the hard way that innovation and hard work alone WON’T SUSTAIN YOUR COMPANY LONG TERM. And it won’t protect you from a downturn in the economy.
You also need an EFFECTIVE and STRATEGIC marketing plan. One that sets you up for long-term success.
The good news is that’s our specialty!

Here’s what you’ll get at Autopilot Marketing

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Website Design

“Not all websites are created equally – because not all web designers are created equally.”

A well designed website can be an great tool for attracting new customers. But for it to be effective, it must, at a minimum, follow the 5 Website Design Secrets.

And to really boost your profits, we use my signature design feature: The Hidden Secret of Highly Converting Websites.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the core digital marketing strategies for local businesses. When someone searches for ‘your service or product’ you want your website to be found on search engines. When paired with a great converting website, it gets customers to call you or visit your business. That’s what a solid SEO plan will do. 

Premium Hosting

Speed and Security are critical to a well designed website. Part of what makes that happen is ‘hosting’ your website on the right server. This is where your website lives. The wrong server (there are many out there) slows your site down or puts it at risk because of who you share space with. Our servers are lightning fast and ultra secure because you won’t be sharing space with other risky websites. 

Get found online!

“Build it and they will come” is what I call ‘hope marketing.’ Unless you have huge brand recognition it doesn’t work for small businesses. And it also doesn’t work for new websites. You still need marketing to get found, and for websites one highly effective strategy is call Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Without it, your website will be lost in oblivion, giving your competitors the edge.  CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to set up a FREE consultation to learn how Search Engine Optimization can grow your business and give you the advantage.

The Website Design Process


We will meet to determine what you want from a website, the look and feel, and marketing objectives. Part of that is learning who your customer is and then crafting a website plan that attracts that customer and moves them to take action.


We will create a website you LOVE and one that adheres to the 5 website design secrets - which will ultimately CONVERT MORE LEADS TO CUSTOMERS.


Part of the process to going 'live' with your website involves optimizing it properly. Before going live, we publish to our secure servers, ensure the on-page SEO is completed, and test the speed and security for top performance.


This is an optional service that we offer to keep your website up-to-date and maximized for speed and security. We also help you add changes such as new photos, content, or testimonials to your website as your company grows.

get a Website that converts